We bank and account for money gifts to the church.

We tithe a percentage of the Church's income to mission activities.

We distribute earmarked money from members of our fellowship to our missionaries around the world.

We steward our money: we respond to requests for expenditure from around the church and find value for money with the building’s utility bills and costs.

We pay the staff.



The Finance and Admin Team consist of the Treasurer, book keeper, gift aid supervisor, pay roll operative, an administrator an elder and two other members. We are all volunteers and we meet prayerfully once per month to ensure the smooth running of the church and its finances.

The finance team are responsible for the day-to-day handling of the Church’s finances. We bank and account for all the money that the Church receives. We record all the money that people gift to the Church for particular missionary activities and claim gift aid from the government if applicable.

We ensure that the money in our care is secure: we bank the money according to our ethics and so that it is never at risk.

We find good deals with reputable companies for the building’s utilities and other upkeep.

We distribute the money according to the will of the Church and to the needs of the ministries.

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