Church Council

The Church Council provides a forum for discussion about the work of the church. We have a regular meeting, usually about 10 days before a Church Meeting. Items to be discussed at the Church Meeting will often be discussed at Council. Any of the Teams that work together may bring an item to Council. Frequently, they will present an idea or a course of action through writing a paper beforehand so that members of the council can think and pray about the proposal.

The Church Council meets bi-monthly and essentially fulfils the role of a deaconate in that it is responsible for the key areas of the church's ministry:

  • Mission & Evangelism - including initiatives such as Ivy Estate and Seymour House;
  • Lifestyle & Discipleship – including Small Groups, Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Mentoring and church membership;
  • Worship & Word - including Music Group, teaching programme and all forms of services (youth, adult, elderly).

These together with Finance, Secretariat, Assets, Elders, Trustees and Ministerial staff should form our Council.

In order to ensure that the Council is refreshed on a regular basis we operate within the following guidelines:

  1. Council members serve for two years and then come up for re-appointment;
  2. Council members cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms;
  3. Council members are not allowed to serve more than three times in any 10 years.
  4. Elders, Trustees, Ministerial staff and the Secretary have permanent positions on the Council. 
  5. Council members are proposed by their respective team (e.g. Worship & Word will propose someone from their group to represent them) and appointed by the Church Meeting. 




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