House Groups

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

If one considers church a community of disciples, then Small Groups or “House Groups” are a community within that community. They form the foundation on which church community is built and provide where the church provides discipleship and pastoral care, as well as an environment for study and of course fellowship. House Groups are an essential part of church life and we expect all of those committed to our fellowship to be committed to a House Group. 

Our church has several house groups that meet during the week:

  • Central, located in Queens Crescent, led by Paul and Maureen Phillips, Wednesday from 8pm

  • Derriards located in Chamberlain Drive, led by Sakkie and Elsabe Snyman, Wednesday from 8pm

  • Pewsham located in east Chippenham, led by Peter and Caroline Hiorns, Wednesday from 8pm

  • Lowden located on Lowden Avenue, led by Rachel and David Lambert, Wednesday from 7pm

  • Langley located in Langley Road, led by Peter and Debby Whitby, Thursday from 7.45pm

We also have three house groups that meet during the day, ideal for those who do not have work commitments particularly retired folk. These meet at:

  • Hill Corner Road led by Dave Thompson

  • Monkton Park led by Eric and Jean Leg-Bagg

  • Queens Cresecent led by Wayne Lawther

Finally we have two special interest house groups:

  • Ladies House Group meets 10am every Thursday at our church building on Station Hill Road and is led by Sarah Loveridge;

  • The Men’s Group meets once a month, normally at a local pub and is led by Paul Frobisher.

We regularly publish material for study in our groups, these tend to follow on from the Sunday sermon and are available in the Publications section of this website in the House Group Notes folder and the House Group Programme is published in the Church Life area in the Worship & Word folder under Latest Schedule


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